Freshness and quality

Our fruit is left to mature on the plant for a period above the average.
The fruit you have consumed or consumed,
it is a fruit of a golden yellow color

Who we are

Born from the idea of two friends, our organization is based in the city of Trieste, in the north-east of Italy. We are a young and dynamic reality, present in northern and central Italy. We are aiming to bring the scent of the tropics to your tables and to develop the central agricultural areas of Costa Rica in a fair way. But let's aim higher! We want to touch all the 5 senses of those who enjoy our fruits. And why not, develop the "sixth sense" to be able to recognize quality fruit on the fly and treated with passion.

Why My Dream Fruit?

It is said that one buys the perch & egrave; services, products or goods. It will come to you; natural to ask you; With all the fruit already on it; present at the supermarket, because it is should i choose you? Read more

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection, sustainability of products, low environmental impact, research and continuous improvement of production processes, in order to reduce waste. Read more

Our products

Pineapple from conventional agriculture by sea matured in plant and green and organic Mango kent, Organic drinking coconut, Avocado Hass and Pinkerton biological.

Contact Us

My Dream Fruit
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