Freshness and quality

Our fruit is left to mature on the plant for a period above the average.
The fruit you have consumed or consumed,
it is a fruit of a golden yellow color

Our values

Environmental protection, sustainability of products, low environmental impact, research and continuous improvement of production processes, in order to reduce waste.

We are moving towards a future where people realize that eating well is good; an important and fundamental aspect of one's life. The decision to focus on quality products and to orient ourselves in the biological world, co-author our voluntary to keep up with the times and offer the best for the well-being of the individual person. After all, when you taste our fruits, you will feel the difference!

We offer organic coconut and avocado, and many other organic products are on the way. We believe in a future without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, in support of a planet that is; heavily marked by our presence. Although our pineapple is not biogical, we have selected producers in this field that respect the most. demanding environmental regulations and have decided to focus on and invest in a biological future.

We support workers in local manufacturing companies, with good working conditions and programs to support the community; rural areas in Costa Rica, Thailand and Peru.


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