Freshness and quality

Our fruit is left to mature on the plant for a period above the average.
The fruit you have consumed or consumed,
it is a fruit of a golden yellow color

Here are three good and tasty reasons to choose us:

  • Freshness & quality. Our fruit is left to mature on the plant for a period above average. The fruit which you have consumed or consumed is a fruit. a fruit of a golden yellow color. It is no coincidence that we say "fruta de oro". in Spanish. The freshness is achieved through the immediate processing of the product after harvesting and an efficient and fast logistics, which allows reduced maritime transit times (a ship takes about 12 days to sail from Costa Rica to Italy)! Transit times for most other brands three weeks or more. The quality is premium, or colored fruit with very few defects or total absence.
  • Maximum respect of the sanitary rules for production: during the selection and packaging process the fruit is washed and packaged, always keeping two eyes on the responsibility; più great: provide you with a fruit that does not fear comparisons. In this sense, we verify that the HACCP rules are followed with maximum efficiency.
  • Respect towards workers: the ETI certificate promises working hours and above-average socio-economic conditions, to protect and protect workers who perform hard and repetitive work.

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